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  "Vine & Fig Tree" is a non-profit tax-exempt educational organization. Its name is taken from the Old Testament Prophet Micah, who spoke of the divine imperative to beat our "swords into plowshares" so that all human beings can own property and live safely under their "vine and fig tree" (Micah 4:1-7). VFT was formed in 1979 and obtained its IRS non-profit tax-exempt status in 1982.  

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www.VFT Peace

  The Vine & Fig Tree "Peace Project" is an attempt to convince millions of Bible-Believing Christians to support peace rather than war. Our strategy is to engage them in a positive, winsome, encouraging manner, not to attack them as "war-mongers."

We believe the Biblical case for peace and against war is so overwhelming that a person only has to study the facts for a couple of hours, and then -- with the help of God's Holy Spirit -- conversion is possible. If they believe the Bible is God's Word and are willing to submit to it -- if that's the true condition of their heart -- they will soon begin beating "swords into plowshares."

Our first essay was recently placed online, and while it needs work, it shows what resources are available to persuade Bible-believing Christians:

"Would Jesus Celebrate Memorial Day?"

There are literally hundreds of millions of Bible-believing Christians in America and abroad, and together they have such a level of disposable income that if it were focused on peace, the world could be transformed. As it is, most of this monetary and political power is used to support war and then -- using movies, fiction, big cars, info-tainment, drugs, the Internet, and other forms of escape -- we anesthetize ourselves to what our military expenditures do around the world. The government takes more than half of everything we earn, with much of it going to the  "military-industrial complex." America's Founding Fathers warned against "standing armies" and "entangling alliances," and took up arms against taxes which were only one-tenth as oppressive as ours are today.

But we say nothing.

The federal government has been forcing us to sacrifice to overthrow a dictator it helped put and keep in power for decades. The federal government has taken a trillion dollars from us for this purpose -- money which could have been spent on missionaries and the building of institutions which promote "Liberty Under God." Incredibly, Bible-believing Christians have supported the killing, property destruction, and the creation of an Islamic Theocracy in Iraq. These Christians should be working to fulfill Micah's "Vine & Fig Tree" prophecy.

If we could strap them to a chair and force them to read all that the Bible says about war and peace, and compel them to listen to the facts concerning U.S. foreign policy, and use torture to keep them from leaving the room so they could learn what America's Founding Fathers would have thought about all this, it would only take a few hours of time before they would surely reject the promises of the American military establishment.

Be we'll leave torture to the experts at Abu Ghraib.

We believe the Internet makes it possible to reach and gently persuade these millions of people with Micah's message of "swords into plowshares." A message that assures us that we can have a confident trust in the Providence of God rather than taxing families to pay for bombs which kill people and destroy foreign infrastructure, all to gain "national security."

We need to find these people and connect with these people. We need to entice them into reading and studying the Bible to see its message of Peace.

We believe there's a way, but we're not sure exactly how to do it.

If you have suggestions on how to do this, software or skills which you would like to donate to our Project, please write:

We need your help to begin building this website into a force for peace.


  Vine & Fig Tree repudiates all violent efforts to achieve one's goals -- no matter how admirable those goals may be. We even oppose the American Revolution. Genocide and tyranny cannot be eliminated by violence, but only by persuasion.
Vine & Fig Tree
believes in regeneration, not revolution.

  Vine & Fig Tree markets ideas. We have already registered over 100 top-level domains to reach selected niches with Micah's vision of "swords into plowshares." These domains are listed here, and that page is essential reading to understanding the full breadth of the Vine & Fig Tree worldview. It begins with certain "self-evident truths. . . ." [Go there now]